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Let the Light Shine In

Let the Light Shine In

Are you prepping your house to sell this summer? Of course, you know to do a deep clean of your home and de-clutter all of your rooms. But, are you aware of the importance lighting plays in the selling game? It can draw buyers in or send them straight out the door.

Would you want to walk into a dark, shadowy home without any natural light? Neither do prospective buyers. Homebuyers want to step into a cheerful, inviting atmosphere with brightly lit rooms that exude warmth.

If your home isn’t South-facing and sunshine soaked, there are numerous ways you can make and fake natural lighting.

Better Bulbs
Consider replacing low wattage or dimming bulbs with brighter incandescent or energy-efficient LED bulbs. Go one step further and add a dimmer to create more ambiance as the day wanes away.

Make Use of Mirrors
Mirrors aren’t just for checking your hair or makeup; they help to reflect light. Add a mirror to a window-facing wall to make the most of the sunrays that stream through your panes. You can also add mirrored accent pieces like ottoman trays that will reflect light from overhead light fixtures and nearby lamps.

Keep Curtains at Bay
Make sure to raise your blinds and push curtains back from your windows. Sunlight certainly won’t shine in if you’re blocking it with heavy fabrics.

Consider Your Colors
Planning to paint your walls before you list? Pay close attention to the colors you pick. Choose neutral and pastel paints over bold, deep colors for a fresh, natural look. You should also consider putting a fresh coat of paint on your ceiling. Opt for a white other than stark “ceiling white” that has cool or warm undertones that will help to reflect light within your rooms.

Lamp Lighting
An easy way to add light to a room is to add a lamp. Even a small lamp placed on a built-in shelf will help to brighten your space. You can also maximize the light your lamps put off by positioning them to shine onto other surfaces like a wall or mirror.

For more tips on how to light up your space read “3 Clever Ways to Add Natural Light to Your Home” by Coldwell Banker.

Swap out low wattage bulbs for a brighter light


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