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Durham is a Top City for Working Moms

Durham just scored another top recognition being named among the 10 Best American Cities for Working Moms, an accolade that is certainly timely with Mother’s Day just around the corner.

In a recent research report compiled by, the Bull City ranked eighth on a list of well-recognized U.S. cities including the likes of Orlando, Fla., Minneapolis, Minn. and Washington, D.C. compared career opportunities and earning potential for women with children, the number of pediatric health care and childcare facilities, and affordability in each area it reviewed to determine the very best of bunch.

According to, “Durham is an egalitarian city in a sense that its female workers make almost the same (96%) as men. Two major universities—Duke and the University of North Carolina—offer abundant research opportunities and university-related jobs; while more than 200 tech companies in the Research Triangle Park, including the second-largest IBM operation in the world, offer flexible jobs.”

Stats reported for Durham included:

Median salary of full-time female workers: $43,554
Percentage of men’s salary: 96%
Median home price: $225,000

This new spotlight helps to highlight the many career opportunities available in our Triangle area. With the Research Triangle Park, numerous global, national and regional business headquarters, and nationally-ranked universities and research centers, the cities and towns we call home are very well positioned to accommodate employment opportunities for all people—moms, dads, millennials, seasoned professionals and more.

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