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Will your home save you money this summer?

Avoid these energy hogs | Smart HomeAre you heading into the hot summer months with a home smart enough to save you money?

The summer months mark the nation’s peak energy use. Americans spend $22 billion a year on A/C alone. When the temperatures (and your energy bill) start to climb, a smart home offers several innovative ways to save. Turns out, even the smallest devices can make a big difference.

So, where does our energy go in the summer heat? Here are some of the culprits:

  • Running the air conditioner all day and night
  • Hot air seeps in and cool air seeps out of old, drafty windows and doors
  • Running the hot water heater too hot during the summer months
  • Using outdoor lights during longer days

Check out this infographic for tips and ideas on how you can create a more energy efficient home (and save your hard earned money!).

Will your home save you money this summer?

Read the original article entitled “How a smart home can help you save on energy this summer” written for Coldwell Banker by Studio 61 here.

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