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Fall Projects for Spring Sellers

So, you missed out on the summer selling season? Don’t worry. You can still list your home amid the crisp, cool weather or take the time to prep it for the spring real estate market. If the latter suggestion suits you best, then this list will help guide you to spectacular spring showings. You’ll have a lawn… err, leg, up on the competition.

Plant Flower BulbsPlant fall bulbs for spring flowers
April showers may bring May flowers, but without fall bulbs, all of that rain won’t matter. Now is the time to grab your gloves and a trowel to plant the bulbs that will lead the way to a beautiful burst of color this spring. Consider planting cheery yellow daffodils, an assortment of colorful tulips and striking irises. Homebuyers will be drawn to your colorful lawn.

Aerate & SeedPlant trees and shrubs in the fall when the ground is still warm
Want green grass this spring? Get to work. The best looking lawns get their start in the fall. You can take on the job or hire a landscaping crew to help out, but either way you’ll want to aerate and overseed your lawn in the coming weeks, followed up with fertilizer and weed control over the next month.

Plant Trees and Shrubs
Want to add to your landscape design? Planting trees and shrubs in mild fall weather allows them to get a head start in the De-clutter the garage during the cool fall weatherspring. Roots are still able to grow through the still-warm soil and will be better established when the warm weather returns.

Get an Inspection
Why wait until you have an offer to get your home inspected? Get your home inspected before you put it on the market to find out what you may need to fix ahead of time. If the home inspection turns up needed repairs, you’ll have the winter months to get the projects done.

De-Clutter the Attic and Garage
Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and head up to the attic and out to the garage to de-clutter and purge. You may have avoided cleaning out those storage spaces
because of the summer heat, but that excuse won’t work any longer.

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