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Wake County Development in 2016

According to Wake County, the most recently released statistics pertaining to population, the economy, land development, and transportation provide a window into the quality of life of our residents, the diversity of our citizens, the stability of our businesses, and the health of our infrastructure. Did you know that Wake was the second fastest growing county […]

“Flip It” at Wake Tech – Fall 2017

  Jason Kogok will be teaching “Flip It” at Wake Tech this fall, starting on September 26, 2017. This course examines investment opportunities in real estate, including personal residences, rental properties, and “flips,” and shows participants how to determine which investment are smart ones. Current homeowners will learn to evaluate their homes as investments, calculating value accurately, […]

HPW Open Houses | August 26 – 27

Summer may be winding down, and students may be headed back to class on Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ramp up your house hunt today and schedule a weekend of open house visits. Every one of our Triangle area cities and towns has earned distinction on “best of” lists touting an array of […]