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Red and Pink are for more than Valentine’s Day décor

Romantic reds and pretty pinks certainly feel the love leading up to Valentine’s Day, but recent home décor trends have proven the colors to be a favorite pick of designers and homeowners to display year-round as well.

From jewel tones to pastels, these sweetheart shades have become a mainstay in today’s homes adding the perfect pop of color or subtle hue to complement any room.

Interested in updating your home’s color palette to display these heart day color heroes? Here are some ideas to consider:

Fanciful Florals
One of the easiest ways to dress your home in red and pink is to bring in fresh flowers. This simple floral fix will not only add a bit of color to your rooms but also set a cheerful tone throughout.

Friendly Front Door
Greet guests with a beautifully painted front door. Choose a warm, welcoming red or wine colored paint that pairs well with the color of your siding or brick façade and shutters. You’ll be adding instant curb appeal that will leave a memorable mark on all who pass by.

Rose Gold Goodies
Believe it or not, rose gold has found its place in home décor in a big way. From picture frames and glassware to furniture and light fixtures, the metallic hue can be found everywhere in all shapes and sizes. You easily join in this pink party by adding a few unique trinkets in your built-in shelves or creating an eye-catching vignette to top your coffee or sofa table.

Artist Accents
You don’t have to paint an entire room red to introduce the color into your home—think accents and accessories instead. Toss a few burgundy throw pillows on your neutral sofa. Add artwork with cheery red colors or bold picture frames to pop against a cream wall. Paint barstools a bright shade of red to offset a white cabinet kitchen.

Soft and Subtle
Don’t think that pink is only for your daughter’s room. Select a soft, subtle shade and put it in your bedroom. Your pastel pick will offer a serene and relaxing setting and help to accentuate natural light. Aren’t sure you want pink walls? Add a blush colored paint on the ceiling.

Fresh Flowers

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