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A Clutter-Free Start to 2017


Can you believe the holidays are nearly over? The most wonderful time of the year tends to be fast and furious, doesn’t it?

This weekend will bring the close of 2016 and the start of all that will lie ahead in 2017. The New Year has great potential for all of us. Perhaps a new home is on the horizon for your growing family, or you’re considering downsizing your empty nest—either way now is a great time to clear out the clutter and get a head start on your soon-to-sale home staging.

Take or toss
Look through your wardrobe to decide what you do and don’t wear. Chances are you’ve been holding onto some clothes you haven’t worn in quite some time. Make two piles—take and toss—and get to work sorting through the items you’ll keep and those that you will donate.

Clear out the catchall
We all have a catchall drawer (or two) that is in dire need of decluttering. Get to work cleaning out that drawer and all of the random odds and ends it holds. Believe it or not, homebuyers will open and close cabinets and drawers, and you’ll want to have put your best foot forward when they do.

Hone down holiday décor
Sort through your holiday décor as you put it away. Toss out old, finicky light strands and broken ornaments and figurines. Look through the boxes of décor that didn’t make it out of the attic this year or last. It may be time to donate the 50 yards of garland and holidays bobbles you no longer use.

Tackle toys
Between Santa, family, and friends, your little ones probably racked up at Christmas. Make space for those shiny, new toys by weeding out those that your children already have. Plan to donate the toys that have lost their interest and those they have outgrown. Toss out broken toys and those with missing pieces.

Rate your rooms
Don’t let the thought of decluttering overwhelm you. Make a list of the rooms in your home organized by those that need the most attention. Plan to tackle your most clutter-filled room first. After you successfully complete that space, go room to room until you’ve marked all the rooms off your list.

Get after the garage, attack the attic
Are your garage and attic about to burst with boxed up belongings? It’s time to find out what you’ve stored away throughout the years and if you still need it. Carve out some time to sift through those boxes and bags to determine if you still need or want the items inside.

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