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Water Tower Raleigh NC - Your LuxuryMovers Team

#TBT – We are flashing back to the late 19th century today, and the Raleigh Water Tower, located at 115 West Morgan Street. When it was constructed in 1887, it was the first water tower built in Raleigh. Prior to its construction, the city’s water supply came from cisterns and wells.  The building was decommissioned in 1924. Its subsequent renovation became one of the first examples of “adaptive reuse” in Raleigh when architect William Henry Dietrick purchased it in 1938. He renovated it for use as architectural offices, and the plans for Raleigh’s Dorton Arena were finalized there.  The building now houses office space. The Raleigh Water Tower was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 and is a Raleigh Historic Landmark. Happy Thursday!

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