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Cool Weather Curb Appeal

Fall in the Triangle

The crisp fall weather has finally arrived in the Triangle. This long-awaited break from the hot summer heat and humidity is marked by pumpkin spice flavored goodies, college football, and brilliantly colored foliage that will soon fall to the ground and hinder your curb appeal.

Yes, sellers, you can make a great first impression no matter the season. Now is the time to overseed lawns, prep perennials, and bring out the mums.

Here are some other curb appeal tips to consider during the cool-weather months:

Bring out the rake
It’s only a matter of time until our beautiful Triangle trees drop their leaves on your newly seeded lawn. Make sure to rake or blow away leaves as they fall to avoid damage to your grass. A thick layer of leaves can smother grass and promote mold and fungal diseases.

De-clutter the gutter
A gutter full of twigs and leaves needs to be cleaned. Fall is a great time to take on this task to ensure your gutters are functioning properly and carrying water away from your home. Not to mention, that neat gutters will also enhance your home’s appearance.

Keep on cutting
Yes, you still need to mow in the fall. Keep cutting your grass as needed and consider mulching instead of bagging the clippings and leaves you mow over. The mulch you leave behind will help to enrich the soil in the coming months.

Put plants in now
Want to spruce up your yard with new shrubs? Don’t wait until spring, do it now. According to This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook, “planting shrubs in early fall gives the plants a head start at establishing roots in the season’s cool, moist soil.” Give that greenery time to grow for an even better spring landscape.

Bring on the bulbs
Fall is also a good time to plant spring bulbs. Put in tulips and daffodils now for colorful accents when the warmer weather returns.

Triangle foliage

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