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Time to Meet Your Neighbors

You’ve closed on your new home, unpacked numerous boxes, and have begun to get organized—now what? Go out and meet your neighbors.

Creating connections within your new neighborhood and community are important, especially if you’ve relocated from another city or state. The people who live next to you or just down the street may become a large part of what you like most about your home. They will be there to see your children grow, celebrate your life achievements, offer a helping hand, and make a meaningful impact on you and your family throughout the years.

While the thought of these new relationships may be exciting, the prospect of making them can seem overwhelming. Don’t let anxiety get in the way. Simply consider some of these tips offered up by our Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston Relocation Team to get you started.

Head next door
Plan to meet your next-door neighbors first. You already have something in common—a shared a property line! Drop by to say hello and introduce your family. Ask them about recommendations for restaurants, gyms, lawn care services and more.

Take a walk
Gather up the family and take sidewalk strolls through your neighborhood. Pay attention to the people you pass and do your best to initiate conversations with them. Change up the times of day you walk for the opportunity to meet different people on different schedules.

Welcome people in
Consider hosting an open house to welcome your neighbors into your home. A friendly meet and greet with finger foods and beverages can easily be coordinated and will certainly be worth your effort.

Ask your agent
Tap into your real estate agent’s expertise. He or she may know people in your neighborhood and local area that may be good connections for you. Also, be sure to ask your agent to recommend local businesses and services you should use.

Become involved
Do you run? Join a running club. Have school-age children? Sign up to support the PTA. Enjoy cooking? Take a local cooking class. Get involved in the activities you enjoy in your new community and you’re sure to meet like-minded people that may turn into good friends.

Be patient
Meeting people and forming strong relationships do take time. Remember to be patient as you continue to grow your new network. It is only a matter of time until you are fully engaged and immersed in your community.

Go out and meet your neighbor

Photo credit: CBHPW/Robyn Lehman

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