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Raleigh Ranks as a “Hot Spot” to Move to Right Now

Raleigh and our greater Triangle area have become some of the top places to live in the nation. So much so, that the Capital City landed on two of’s top 10 lists recognizing the cities that are gaining the most residents as well as those that have become top destinations for millennials.

To gather information for its report, reviewed migration data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau from 2009 to 2013, the number of cross-metro moving requests on, and cross-metro search traffic on its own site. The metros that scored the highest based on the criteria reviewed all had two things in common: affordable housing and strong job markets.

With a low unemployment rate of 4.6 percent and a median home price of $297,200, Raleigh ranked 9th on the list of cities gaining the most residents and 10th on the list of top destinations where millennials want to live. shared that its research team, “first noticed dark horse Raleigh, NC, back in March when it popped up on our monthly hottest markets report, and then kept its spot in April. It turns out that Raleigh has one of the best job markets in both hiring opportunities and job satisfaction rate, according to”

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