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Tips for Fall Home Sellers and Buyers

Fall is a great time to buy and sell a home. You avoid the sweltering heat and humidity-filled house hunt of the long summer days and don’t have to wait the many months to the spring selling season. Listing and buyer agents agree that this autumn climate is still optimal for their clients to make a move before winter settles in.

Whether you are selling your home or seeking a new place to live, there are some fall selling and buying tips that will help you along your real estate path.

Fall Sellers

Let the lights shine
The fall days are growing shorter making for less natural light. Make sure to open blinds and turn on overhead lights and lamps to create more illumination in your home.

Fancy up the fireplace
Have a fireplace? Highlight it. Make sure it’s clean and presentable. Add artwork above it or accessories on the mantel to catch the attention of the homebuyer.

Get out the rake
Your yard may not be green and lush this fall, but that doesn’t mean curb appeal isn’t important. Make sure to rake away leaves and sweep off the stoop before buyers come to your door. 

Keep it cozy
Make sure your home is warm and cozy. You may set your heat lower during the day when you are at work, but buyers won’t like walking into a chilly house. Keep the thermostat in check during showings.

Don’t deck the halls
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should decorate your home from top to bottom. Excessive holiday decorations may distract homebuyers from seeing your home’s potential.

Fall Buyers

Get ahead of winter weather
Yes, the weather is getting cooler and rain is abundant, but that is no match for freezing temperatures and icy roads. Get your house hunt started sooner than later to avoid Mother Nature’s winter plans.

Notice maintenance needs
Cold, wet fall weather may reveal home maintenance needs. Pay attention as you tour homes. Do you feel a cold draft? Are the gutters draining properly? Are there any roof leaks that need to be addressed?

Take advantage of tax breaks
If you buy a home before the year ends you can take advantage of special homeowner tax breaks like property tax and mortgage interest deductions.

Remove your shoes
Buying a home during the fall may mean a house hunt in brisk, wet weather. Consider wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Understandably, sellers may want you to remove your shoes before taking a tour of their home.

Fall is a great time to sell and buy a home!

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