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Easy Weekend Home Projects

Home improvement projects don’t have to be extensive or expensive. There are many home enhancements you can easily start and finish over the weekend that will add aesthetic appeal and value to your home.

Whether you want to stay inside in the A/C or feel like venturing out into the sunshine, we’ve got a list of simple projects and upgrades that you can easily do yourself.

Bolder Bookcases
Do your built-ins feel a bit bland? Brighten them up with a backdrop of colorful paint or an eye-catching wallpaper. De-clutter your shelves to allow for the new background to peek through.

Home Staging: Add new house numbersCaulk Change
Has the caulk throughout your bathroom started to discolor or crack? Tackle it. Scrape away the old caulk from the around your tub, shower or sink. Clean the areas well to remove any mildew or residue. Then, get to caulking. Most caulk will cure in 24 hours.

Attractive Address
Have you updated your house numbers since you moved in? Remove outdated metal numbers or decals and replace them with a more contemporary style.

Swap out switch platesHardware helpSwap Out Switch Plates
Do you have mismatching switch plates and outlet covers? Some white, some cream? You may be used to the variety of switch plates and covers you have, but homebuyers often notice the inconsistency right away. Pick the color that best complements your trim color—most likely white—and change them out.

Hardware Help
You may not be able to afford the kitchen or bathroom remodel you want, but you can add small touches that will help you achieve a refreshed look. Replace your cabinet hardware. Seek out drawer pulls or knobs that fit with your design style. If you are able to find hardware that fits your existing holes the project will be a breeze to complete.

Door Décor
Can’t imagine staying inside on a sunny day? Work on your front door. Clean the door and entryway. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the door and trim. Want to greet your guests with a cheerful hello? Select a statement color for your door that complements your home’s exterior.

Pressure Wash
Grungy driveway and sidewalk got you down? Borrow or rent a pressure washer and get to work. Strip away months or years of grime to uncover brighter bricks and cleaner concrete.

Maintain Your Mailbox
Give your mailbox some attention. Add a new, stylish set of house numbers on the post. Scrub away the gunk and mildew that may have collected inside and out. Add a burst of color with a small bed of flowers or a large planter overflowing with greenery.

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