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Gardening: DIY All-Natural Pesticides


It is the time of year that we all scramble to get our yards and gardens into shape, and many of us tackle new projects like vegetable or herb gardens. Around here we deal with an assortment of critters, from deer to bugs, that can affect our homegrown bounties. We came across a great article highlighting 7 all-natural pesticides that you can safely do on your own!

Here are our top picks:

-Coffee grounds. Use coffee grounds or used tea leaves as a mulch; it adds richness to the soil while also repelling many of the insects that may be feeding off of your crops in the soil

-Companion plants. Companion planting and putting certain flora together is another effective way of avoiding issues. Certain combinations, onions and carrots for example, make great companions as each repels the insects that like the other. Other plants including mint, lemongrass, basil, lavender, marigolds, and nasturtiums, all deter unwanted bugs and are delicious cooking staples.

-Homemade pest repellant. You can make an all-natural spray made by soaking hot peppers and garlic in an oil and water mix; this combination can help with prevention as well as evictions.

Click here to read all of the tips for getting rid of garden pests in a natural way.


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