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Hillsborough Leads The Coolest Small Town Race!


The town of Hillsborough is leading the nomination voting for Budget Travel’s “Coolest Small Towns 2015″ contest! Budget Travel is accepting nominations for American towns with a population under 10,000 and a certain something that no place else has: great shops, food, a unique history, a breathtaking location, peerless music scene, art galleries, etc. Hillsborough is currently about 125 votes ahead of the #2 town. The nomination voting will continue until December 2nd, and then they will narrow the field to the top 15 towns. From that group, you can cast your final vote, with the winners being named in February. So Hillsborough has a long way to go! Help them maintain their lead and claim the title; visit Budget Travel here!

The top trending towns as of Monday were No. 1, Hillsborough; No. 2, Preston, Minnesota; No. 3, Lake City, Minnesota; No. 4, Snohomish, Washington; and No. 5, Crested Butte, Colorado.

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