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Explore The North Carolina Cheese Trail!

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Want to connect with some of the many cheese producing local farms around our beautiful state? Well the North Carolina Cheese Trail can literally map out your gastronomic tour for you! A group of North Carolina cheese makers and cheese mongers have come together to plot out a map pinpointing a variety of farms and vendors around the state to encourage folks to come and visit and learn about the art of cheesemaking. The interactive trail map allows you to click on a farm or vendor and learn more about who they are and what they do. It’s a great way to plan a delicious day trip and learn more about local agri-businesses doing cool things! They’ve also provided links (below) to other outstanding food and beverage trails throughout the state-fun and tasty ways to explore N.C.! Click here to check out the map!

North Carolina Culinary Maps, Trails, Tours & More –
More fun ideas on ways to tickle your tastebuds as you travel around the state of North Carolina!

NCBS Historic Barbecue Trail – Members selected for inclusion on the trail cook their meat product on pits fueled by wood or charcoal, make their own sauce, have operated continuously for fifteen or more years, create an end product that is good offering and representative of North Carolina Barbecue.

The Great BBQ Map – The most comprehensive resource out there, listing every NC-style barbecue joint in the state.

Hot Dog Trail of Winston-Salem – A husband and wife team set out on a two day hot dog eating adventure, which took them to 10 restaurants across  Winston-Salem.

Moravian Cookie Trail – The first in a culinary trail series by Visit Winston-Salem celebrating the city’s deep Moravian food roots. The culinary series is a trio of virtual trails (which means you can start, stay or stop wherever you please!) with each serving up a healthy portion of our history, delectable, tried-and-true recipes and our favorite places to stop, sample, and savor these distinct (and delicious) Moravian dishes and delights.  Whether you opt to travel the sweet, savory or sample a bit from each of the three paths, they hope you find their culinary trail the perfect way to explore the city’s rich history and wake-up your taste buds in Winston-Salem!

Pick-Your-Own Farms & Roadside Stands – Whether you’re looking for just-picked fruits and veggies or want to head out into the fields or orchards to do the work yourself, you’ll find the details for doing just that at the hundred’s of farm’s in the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina Craft Brewery Map by the NC Beer Guys – This brewery list is for all beer enthusiasts who love North Carolina craft beer! Check out where all the breweries are and where the new ones are opening. The map even offers directions to the brewers so you can have your own beer adventure!

NCCBG Brewery Map – The North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild (NCCBG) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to advance the interests of the craft breweries of North Carolina and to promote North Carolina craft beer.  North Carolina boasts the largest number of craft breweries in the American South, with more than 100 breweries and brewpubs.

NC Wine Trail – North Carolina wine country is over 400 miles from east to west. North Carolina wineries and wine are organized in the North Carolina Wine Trail website help you learn more.

Wine Maps – Discover wineries, vineyards, wine bars and wine related events around the world through our online travel and mobile maps.

Haw River Wine Trail – Nestled in the North Carolina countryside between the Triangle and the Triad, make your destination the Haw River Wine Trail. The approximately 45-minute scenic drive along the Haw River features the heart of North Carolina wine country. The trail follows the beautiful and relaxing Haw River which provides additional entertainment, scenic views, and wildlife. Visit the Haw River Wine Trail to get a real taste of North Carolina charm!

Heart of North Carolina Wine Trail – Visit five vineyards in central North Carolina as part of the trail.

Musadine Heritage Wine Trail – enjoy a journey of history, family, culture and wine along this 50-mile, four-winery trail, making it ideal for you to enjoy a day trip involving all or most wineries. Each of the wineries on the trail is family-owned and -operated and dripping with rich history dating back to the mid-1700s. Each winery offers delectable Muscadine wines, but they also produce a variety of fruit wines, jellies and juices.

Swan Creek Vineyards – Five vineyards only five miles apart! A wonderful way to explore the wines of Swan Creek in the Yadkin Valley.

Uwharrie Mountains Wine Trail – True official, full opertating, award winning wineries in the heart of the Uwharrie Mountains Range, just 30 minutes NE from Charlotte and 50 minutes SE of Grensboro.  Take tours of their entire commercial operations, from grape gorwing and crushing, to fermentation and aging, and finally to filtering and bottling, you can see how true award winning wineries porduce their wines from start to finish.

Yadkin River Wine Trail – The five wineries of the Yadkin River Wine Trail welcome you to explore their yearly calendar and plan a day trip to participate in one of their exciting and entertaining events.

Yadkin Valley Wine Trail – The Yadkin Valley Wine Trail website was established to provide a single stop for wine lovers seeking information about the wine, wines, wineries, vineyard, vineyards, bed and breakfasts, hotels and other lodging, restaurants and other dining, antiques and antique stores, art galleries, winery tours and other businesses affiliated with winery tourism in the Yadkin Valley.

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