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Prep Your Home For Fall

fall homeThey’ve got an excellent checklist for fall home maintenance over on Houzz! Below are some of our top picks from the list, click here for the full checklist from Houzz. 

1. Refresh your bedroom for fall! Take some time to pull out your heavier sheets and blankets and make sure they are clean and fresh, that way they’ll be easily on hand as soon as the temperature starts to drop. (It’s also a great excuse to spruce up your bedding!)
2. Have your chimney and furnace inspected. Although we don’t have the same need for fireplaces that our friends up North do, making sure your chimney is clean and fully-functional is a safety matter. Have it checked by a professional before you light up! Additionally, have your heating system checked and in working order so you don’t get stuck in the cold.
3. Hang heavier window treatments. Heavy duty window treatments can help your home retain heat, and save you on your energy bill. And again, give you an excuse to spruce up your home and update your style.
4. Add weather stripping. Weather stripping is an easy and inexpensive way to stop drafts around windows and doors. If you’ve used weather stripping before, check up on its condition and replace it as needed.
5. Consider adding more insulation. Adding insulation to your attic or inside walls will help your home retain warmth, and can help you save on your heating costs over the winter.

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