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Raleigh Aspires To Greatness

Fairly “inspirational” news about Raleigh: it’s one of the country’s most “aspirational cities”, according to The Daily Beast. According to the popular website, an “aspirational city” has such qualities as a vibrant economy and appealing quality of life and demographic trends. Half of the ranking was determined by the city’s economic indicators, 1/4 based on quality of life considerations, and the remaining quarter based on demographic trends. Raleigh took the 5th spot on the list, with Charlotte being ranked 14th. Raleigh’s tech-driven economy has created a high per-capita income, one that beats the national average by more than $2,000. Raleigh was also praised for its quality of life and being a place that is “economically vibrant but not prohibitively expensive.” To see other cities that made the list visit The Daily Beast.

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