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Townhouse or Single-Family Home?

Townhouse or Single-Family Home?Deciding to make the leap into homeownership is exciting. You’ll have a space to call your very own, a place to settle in and put down roots.

So, what type of home do you seek? Are you interested in a townhouse or single-family home? Both can offer homebuyers great benefits, but only you can determine what is best for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Before your make a decision, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each.

As you may have noticed from the variety of townhome communities throughout the Triangle area, townhouses vary in size and style. Some are attached one-story villas, while others are multi-level dwellings with garages.

– Townhomes are typically priced less than similar-sized single-family houses. Many are newer and feature more interior upgrades than their detached home counterparts.
– Most townhome communities are part of an association, which conveniently oversees most exterior maintenance from landscaping to snow removal. Some associations may even cover exterior repairs on your townhouse such as re-shingling your roof or repainting your siding.
– Many townhouse communities come with great amenities like a pool, clubhouse, fitness center and more.

– Townhouses share walls—end units share only one, while middle units share two. Close proximity to your neighbors is certain and privacy may not be as private due to noise issues.
– The association that oversees landscaping and exterior maintenance will charge a monthly fee and may also impose restrictions about parking, grilling on balconies or decks and more.
– Guest parking may be limited. Most townhomes are sold with two parking spaces or a short driveway that will not be accommodating for extra visitors.

Single Family Houses
The Triangle area offers a diverse landscape of single-family homes. From historic to modern, to newly built and renovation-ready, there are houses that will suit all your wants and needs.

– Single-family houses do not share walls with neighboring homes. Homeowners can expect less noise and more privacy.
– Owning a free standing home also means you’ll have a yard. Many homebuyers are attracted to the opportunity maintain a yard for their children and pets to enjoy.
– Many single-family homes are often not part of an association. You’ll avoid monthly fees and community restrictions.

– Homeowners are responsible for yard work and exterior maintenance, which takes extra time and money.
– Most single-family homes cost more than similar sized, newer townhouses with upgrades and amenities.
– Community amenities like playgrounds, pools and tennis courts may be absent.

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