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Spring Sprucing


We are finally seeing Spring bloom-if you are in the Triangle you are seeing a lot of pollen! This is a great time to get your home and yard prepped for warm-weather living and do some home maintenance. Let’s look at some ways to freshen up the exterior and outdoor living spaces!

This is the time of year folks start to head out into their gardens, and it’s a great time to fill up your planters and your garden beds as long as the cold weather has firmly cleared out of the area. A beautiful garden or pretty blooms in a planter at your front door are excellent, affordable ways to add curb appeal to your home if you are considering listing it. While you are at it, take some time to clear out and organize your garden shed or garage. Get rid of broken tools or items you don’t use and organize all of your planting soil or mulch and sweep up spills. Adding shelving or new containers can make a big difference in cleaning up your clutter.

Pull out your outdoor furniture and make sure it is clean (although you’ll be fighting the pollen battle for a few more weeks), and check cushions or fabric for wear and tear, replacing or mending them as needed. New cushions and pillows or a coat of paint can give your outdoor furniture a new life. A new hammock can be a great addition to your backyard lounging. An inviting outdoor area is another great way to appeal to potential buyers. Additionally, powerwashing and paint can freshen the exterior of your home if things are looking a little worn from the winter months.


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