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Durham Great For Women In The Workforce


A new job often plays a part in deciding where to live, and a cool city can be a great recruiting tool for companies trying to attract top talent. As it turns out, Durham, a very cool and vibrant city, has been ranked as NerdWallet’s #1 large city for women in the workforce. They analyzed over 2,000 U.S. cities of varying sizes to see which places offered the best mix of wages, cost of living, unemployment and labor participation rates to determine where the best conditions are for working women.  The website lists things like Durham’s low cost of living and high labor participation rate (77.6% for women) as well as the high availability of jobs in the healthcare sector and strong median wages (as compared to male counterparts) as the top reasons the city is an attractive place for women in the workforce. We love that Durham is cultivating a nationally-recognized foodie and culture scene, and is home to the beloved Durham Bulls baseball team and the cutting-edge American Tobacco campus. Between the lively social options and the excellent working conditions, we’re not surprised Durham has topped the list. Click hereto see NerdWallet’s full list.

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