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Home Tips: Storing Winter Clothes


Hopefully we are seeing the last of the winter weather that has been making us (and most of the country) miserable recently. With spring right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about packing and storing your winter clothes to make room for your warm weather gear! Most of us just throw everything into boxes and move them to the attic without another thought until the next year, but we’ve got some easy tips to ensure that your items are properly stored and protected.

1.   Make sure everything is clean before you pack it. This will eliminate potentially harmful oils from leftover perfumes or deodorants and stains will only be worse if left to sit for months in storage-and could even attract bugs. Furthermore, your belongings will be much fresher when you unpack them again next season.

2. Use plastic storage containers-or even clean suitcases, not cardboard, if you are going to be storing items long term. The plastic containers will better protect against dust, bugs and moisture than cardboard. Lining with acid-free tissue adds another layer of protection and should also be used if you’re concerned about color transfer or snagging.

3. Mothballs have long been used to keep away bugs and rodents and maintain freshness, but be aware that they can be extremely hazardous to curious children and pets. Cedar blocks or cedar-lined containers are a good alternative that may be a better fit depending on your family.

4. Save yourself a headache and store like items together, that way you’ll know exactly where your sweaters or coats are should you happen to need them!

5. Choose a cool, dark and dry place to stash your clothes; those are optimal conditions for keeping your things in tip-top condition while they are not in use. Be sure to think through any other potential hazards like flooding or easy access so you can check in on things from time to time.

For more info/Resources:, Good Housekeeping, Jos A Banks, HGTV

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