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Prep Your Home For The Holidays

It’s the busiest time of year, the time to have friends and family over for quality time! Get your home ready for the holidays with this list of tips to make life easier…and more festive!

1. Clean out your fridge – While you may still be eating your way through Thanksgiving leftovers, it’s prime time to make room for more holiday goodies. Before the next big holiday grocery shop, take 20 minutes to clean out your fridge. If you’re feeling really ambitious, tackle the pantry while you’re at it.

2. Deck the Halls – Before December gets away from you, reserve an afternoon to put the holiday decorations up. Make it fun by turning on some holiday tunes, invite some friends over and serve up cups of hot cocoa or eggnog. For light-up decorations, be sure to test them before you hang them and find out a bulb is missing.  For convenience and safety, consider putting your light-up holiday decorations on a timer.

3. Clean your oven – Holiday cooking doesn’t stop after Thanksgiving. To prep your kitchen for cookies and that holiday roast, take a few hours to clean your oven of leftover turkey grease. If you’re looking for a non-toxic method, we have you covered.

4. Stock up on firewood – There’s no denying that the colder months are upon us. For those with a wood burning fireplace, stock up on wood now and store to keep the logs covered and dry.

5. Insulate exposed pipes – Cold weather and holiday travel can spell trouble if you don’t take measures to protect your home. To prevent pipes from freezing, clean and insulate exposed pipes. For a complete DIY tutorial, check out this helpful how-to guide.

6. Clear any lingering leaves – Before the snow and ice arrive, be sure to rake and remove leftover fall leaves. Fall foliage forgotten under a layer snow all winter can wreak havoc on your lawn next spring. And in case you’re not up on the best way to rake your lawn, check this out.

7. Put together a winter storm kit – In the event that a winter storm hits and your home loses power, you should be prepared with an emergency kit. Collect extra candles, matches and batteries along with extra blankets and a car charger for your cell phone.

8.  Create a gift wrap station – To avoid scrambling for the Scotch tape with every last minute gift purchase, set up a gift wrap station with extra wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbons and bows.  Also keep a stash of neutral gifts on hand, like candles or boxed chocolate, for unexpected gift exchanges.

9. Start working on your home resolutions – Have an idea for a home renovation project? Create an inspiration board on pinterest, or start by browsing ours. Do your research on products and vendors, and start booking specialists now before their calendars book up for spring.

This list is from Blue Matter, click here for the full post!

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