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Chapel Hill Ranked One Of The 10 Most Caring Small Cities In The US


According to the Movoto Real Estate blog, Chapel Hill ranks as the #3 “Most Caring Small City” in America. Movoto started with a list of all the small cities in the U.S. with populations between 50,000 and 60,000, which gave us 140 places total, then used a variety of resources to rate the cities in terms of caring-ness (our word not theirs). They looked at things like student-counselor ratio, low crime rates, pet shelters and rescue per capita, community services per capita, mental health counselors and therapists per capita and percent of workers who carpool (caring for the environment). Then all 140 cities were ranked and Chapel Hill landed in the #3 spot! Click here to see the full list and see what they have to say about Chapel Hill!

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