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Durham Cares!

The 10 Most Caring Places In America By Movoto Real Estate

Good news for Durham residents; Durham is one of the top 10 “Most Caring Places In America” according to Movoto. The Movoto Real Estate blog did a ranking of “caring” cities and as it turns out most of them are in the South, with Durham coming in at the #10 spot! To identify the most caring cities Movoto looked at the 100 largest U.S. cities and then used a number of factors to create the rankings. The Movoto folks took into account factors such as student-counselor ratio, charitable donations by % of income, crimes per 100,000 people, pet shelters and rescues per capita, along with several others. See the top 10 below and click here for more info.

The most caring cities in America were:

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Austin, TX
3. Tucson, AZ
4. Baton Rouge, LA
5. New Orleans, LA
6. Las Vegas, NV
7. Santa Ana, CA
8. Birmingham, AL
9. Nashville, TN
10. Durham, NC

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