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Raleigh Tops Another Forbes List

Shimmer Board Downtown Raleigh Skyline

Raleigh is topping another “Best Of” list; this time it’s Forbes’ “America’s Best Cities For Young Professionals”. Raleigh is listed at the #2 spot. The list highlights the cities which offer the best prospects for professionals between the ages of 24-34 who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. The rankings were based on seven factors including: local unemployment rates, job growth projections, number of small and large businesses per capita, median salaries, cost-of-living and the percentage of local population aged 25+ with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Click here for the full list.

Here’s how the numbers shook out for Raleigh:

#2 Raleigh, N.C.

MSA: Raleigh, N.C.
Population: 1,214,516
Median Salary: $56,500
Unemployment rate: 5.1%
Population with bachelor’s degree: 41.7%
Cost of living index: 102.7
Avg. Yearly Job Growth (2014-2016): 3.7%
Companies with 500+ employees: 1 for every 792 people
Companies with <500 employees: 1 for every 51.85 people

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