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The Great NC BBQ Map

Great NC BBQ Map



For those of you who A) like to eat, B) like to explore or C) like to eat while exploring, this product is for you! The Great NC BBQ Map features over 400 “restaurants, shacks, and eateries” meticulously plotted to help you navigate the original barbecue state. The map is available in a printed, road-map format that you can take with you to hit the road and create your own BBQ tour. The map symbols even designate whether each restaurant cooks the whole hog or part of the pig, what cooking method is used, and what style of sauce is served. A timeline of the history of BBQ in America and information to help you differentiate the BBQ styles of NC is included so you can eat and learn! Hit the road and eat your way across NC! Click here to learn more about the people behind The Great NC BBQ Map and order your own!

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