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Top Cheap Eats

Merritts Chapel Hill

Southern Living created a list of “The South’s Best Cheap Eats Under $10“, and EVERY North Carolina nominee is from the Triangle! The four eateries claiming spots are Merritt’s Store & Grill in Chapel Hill, Saltbox Seafood Joint in Durham, and both Chuck’s and Garland in Raleigh. This proves that great food doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Check out Southern Living’s menu picks below, and click here for the full list!

Chapel Hill
Merritts Store and Grill

Triple Decker BLT, $9.95. Here, this Triangle institution, around since 1929, makes an architectural project out of the classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. Three layers is the way to go, although it’d take the jaws of a python to bite through it all.

Saltbox Seafood Joint

Daily catch sandwich, $9. The menu is determined by whichever fish is available at the docks that morning. Catfish, clam strips, shrimp, trout, and mullet are all usual suspects, each deep-fried to crispy supremacy.


Little Dirty South (Carolina) Burger + Cheerwine, $9.25. This burger, which puts a Palmetto State spin on the Carolina burger, features a chuck patty capped with smoked pork shoulder, local Cheddar, Sea Island red pea chili, roasted tomato slaw, tobacco onions and French’s yellow mustard.

Chicken Roti, $7.50. Try the roti, a giant Indian-style wrap, which bursts at its seams with tandoori-roasted chicken, yogurt sauce, chutney, braised greens, and pickled red onion.

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