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Awning Stripe Outdoor Accents

awning stripe cabana tent

The arrival of warm weather here in the Triangle sends people outdoors in droves. It’s the season of the backyard barbecue and pool parties! Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, and homeowners have begun to treat their outdoor spaces with the same decorating consideration that they do their interiors. One of our favorite looks is the awning stripe fabric that we see in everything from actual awnings to umbrellas. It’s a classic, high end look that doesn’t have to break the bank; simply adding a few pillows will be high-impact. You can often find a good quality awning stripe fabric for under $10 a yard at your local fabric store. It’s a great and easy way to add some sophistication to your outdoor living space!

awning stripe panels awning stripe walls and ceiling awning stripe pink awning stripe poolside awning stripe

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