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Get Green-In Your Garden This Spring!


With warm days finally headed our way, it’s a perfect time to get the yard ready for the spring planting season.  There are some easy ways to be eco-conscious as you plan your work on your yards and flowerbeds. Making small changes can ensure your efforts are environmentally friendly. Here are 5 great tips from Coldwell Banker to make this your best garden yet!

  1. De-lawning the yard. We all know how much water a lawn requires, so get out those shovels or better yet rent a tiller from your local hardware store to take up that grass.
  2. Go native. While visiting your nursery, take some time to pick the brain of a professional gardener on plant and flower varieties that are indigenous to your area.  These types of plants will require less water and fertilizer.
  3. Add a rain barrel. Capturing the rain will not only keep the water bill down, but also provide your plants with nutrient enriched water (fluoride free).
  4. Mulch to your heart’s desire. Whether you prefer pine straw or shredded bark, mulching will help cut back on watering and reduce those pesky weeds from popping up.
  5. Store your yard garbage.  Adding a compost pile of your yard clippings helps reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. Here is a great source of what to compost and the benefit of each material.

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