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Bracketology: Greatest Town In The South

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This bracket from Garden & Gun magazine may appeal to the non-sports fanatics in your house. G & G put together a head-to-head of 32 awesome Southern towns and the competition for the bragging rights battle to the title of “Greatest Southern Town” is under way.  The magazine divided the Southern states into four regions and selected the competitors from a pool of towns with populations of under 150,000. North Carolina has three towns in the mix and the Triangle is represented by Chapel Hill, which is up against Morgantown, WV in round 1!  Your votes will determine which towns advance, and you can vote once a day during each round. The towns with the most votes by Monday, March 24, will move on to ROUND TWO. Help cheer on Chapel Hill and vote! If you want to make a pitch for your favorite on Twitter or Facebook, use the hashtag #SouthernTowns. Click here to vote!

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