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Just In Time For St. Patty’s Day!

beer affordability-graph

On a fun note, NerdWallet ran the numbers and ranked the 10 least expensive cities for Beer Drinkers. Rankings were based on 3 factors:

1.    Relative affordability of beer: they calculated the affordability of beer using the cost of a six-pack of Heineken and the median income per worker in each city.

2.    Beer tax: NerdWallet factored in the state beer tax incurred in each of the cities.

3.    Beer consumption: they looked at how much people drink in each state—if there are more beer drinkers around, the city scores higher because of the relatively greater demand.

Raleigh is tied with Denver for having the lowest price of a six-pack of the top ten cities. North Carolina is home to 71 breweries, 15 of which are in the Greater Raleigh area. The community celebrates Beer Month in April by hosting several events, including the World Beer Festival Raleigh.

Read the full list over on NerdWallet!

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