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Raleigh’s Affordability Accolades


A new accolades for our fair city: Raleigh has been named one of the most affordable cities in the US! compiled a list of fast-growing, yet affordable cities and Raleigh took the #6 spot. To identify the top spots, Cheapism started with a list of places that are often listed as fast-growing cities in the U.S. They used a range of vital stats for their rankings and gave the most weight to cost of living, which included housing, food, transportation, and health care, among other expenses. They factored in median household incomes, unemployment rates, and state and local income and sales tax rates. The median household income in Raleigh was one of the highest on the list and Cheapism also noted that Forbes recently named Raleigh the second-biggest driver of tech-sector employment in the country. Raleigh’s relatively low unemployment rate was also factored into the city’s score. Click here for Cheapism’s full list and factors.


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