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Storm Tips


As the Triangle faces another bout of winter weather here are some storm survival tips to keep you safe and sane!

Hurricane Supplies

*stock up on the basics: milk, bread, water, batteries, firewood if you have a well-maintained fireplace

(we also recommend bacon, marshmallows, and chocolate)

*use flashlights instead of candles for light in the case of a power outage, much safer

*make sure your cellphones/laptops/i-anythings are fully charged in case you lose power

*make sure your cars have at least a half a tank of gas, many stations rely on electricity to pump gas, and we also saw what happened to drivers stuck for hours in Atlanta traffic during the last storm

*only use generators if you know what you’re doing…seriously, they can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly

*organize your supplies (flashlights, matches, batteries, blankets) in an easy to get to place so you can find them if the power goes out

*if your power does go out, let faucets drip to avoid frozen pipes

-also unplug electronics like TVs, computers, stereos, microwaves, etc. to avoid damage from possible surges when the power is restored

*practice your charades game…everyone will need the entertainment


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