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A Healthy Fireplace

shutterstock_142464652Although we Triangle residents only have a few fleeting days a year that really call for a cozy fire, it’s still very important to make sure that your fireplace is in tip top shape to avoid problems. MSN has a great article on fireplace maintenance, click here for the full article; here are the basics:

1. Have your chimney swept and inspected once a year.

2. Clean the roof around the chimney and be sure to check in and around the chimney for bird nests or other animal inhabitants.

3. Put a mesh screen atop the chimney to prevent sparks from escaping, be sure to use a fire screen inside your home too!

4. Make sure your damper is closing tightly.

5. Keep your fireplace clean! Clean it regularly.

6. Use hard wood like oak or hickory, they burn hotter and don’t cause sappy residue.

7. Put down a non-flammable hearth rug.

8. If you use gas check the venting system for clogs before using it each season, and inspect for leaks or wear and tear.

9. Gas logs can break; if you notice a broken or cracked log turn off your fireplace and have the broken log replaced. Be sure to look for a replacement that will fit with your existing logs.

10. Keep your fireplace looking good! Be sure to sweep the hearth and deck the mantle!

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