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Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery


Since it’s the spookiest day of the year, we thought we would take you on a quick tour of Raleigh’s Oakwood Cemetery. Oakwood Cemetery is beautiful, historically significant, and probably a little spooky at night. Oakwood is almost 150 years old and spans 102 acres just outside of downtown Raleigh. There are many notable North Carolinians resting the cemetery, including seven governors, five United States Senators, eight Supreme Court Chief Justices of North Carolina, four Civil War generals, two Secretaries of the United States Navy, numerous Raleigh mayors, and thousands of other individuals. Each life’s story constitutes a part of the interesting and colorful history of Raleigh, Wake County and North Carolina. There is also a designated Confederate Cemetery, which is home to almost 1,500 Confederate soldiers and is located on the original two and one-half acres given for that purpose by Henry Mordecai in 1867. Besides its most obvious purpose, Oakwood serves as a capsule of history, and is part of several guided tours of the city. Its grounds are open to visitors daily! Click here to learn more about Oakwood Cemetery.

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