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Getting The Most For Your Remodel


This is a great post via Coldwell Banker Blue Matter about one of the top ways to see a return on your remodeling investment: adding an attic bedroom. Check out these easy tips below, and check out our favorite attic rooms from our Pinterest page.

Via Coldwell Banker Blue Matter:

Seeking ways to boost your home’s value? According to Remodeling Magazine, the number one home improvement for recouping your return on investment is the addition of an attic bedroom.The nationwide average cost of this project is a bit over $50,000, however you can expect to recoup 72.5% of the cost once it comes time to sell the home.

According to This Old House, you should consider the following building-code basics for turning attic space into living space:

  1. Access and egress: code generally requires a full-size staircase and two ways out of the room in case of fire.
  2. Ceiling height: there must be 7 feet of headroom of a floor of at least 70 square feet.
  3. Floor support: joists and a sub-floor are most likely needed.
  4. Ventilation and insulation:very important for heating and cooling costs

4 Tips for Finishing an Attic from This Old House (full post)

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