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Raleigh And Durham Tops For Successful Single Women

All the single ladies, all the single ladies! Raleigh and Durham have both been recognized for being among the nation’s top cities for single, successful women. According to research done by Redfin, Durham ranks as the #14 city in the nation and Raleigh is #16 for well-paid, highly educated single women. The rankings looked at cities with populations of more than 1,000, and were based on four primary elements:

*Percentage of women with 4-year college degrees

*Percentage of women with a salary greater than $65,000

*Percentage of single women between 25-39 years old

*”Single men surplus”-the ratio of men who are single and between 25-39 years old.

 Interestingly, Durham and Raleigh both received no points in the “single men surplus” category…Oh well, eh?

Read more at the Triangle Business Journal.


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