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Beat The Summer Heat And Keep Costs Down!

The thermometer has begun its creep up as we approach the hot summer months, and many of us have switched on the air conditioner to keep things cool inside. Oftentimes this comes with higher utilities costs for homeowners. The Yahoo! Shine site has some great ways to beat the summer heat and keep your costs down.

*Place an oscillating fan in active family rooms to help circulate air throughout the house.

*Keep your thermostat at a constant temperature, and avoid dropping it too low. Lowering the temperature works your system and costs you money, and it doesn’t cool your home any faster.

*Raise your thermostat 2-3 degrees when you leave for work in the morning if no one will be home during the day.

*Replace your aging units, window units 10 years and older should be replaced with energy efficient units. If you have central AC, have the system calibrated and charged yearly, this will keep it running at its top performance.

*Install a whole house fan system, this will pull the hot attic air out of the home and cool your home-possibly by a few degrees!

*Change your air conditioner’s filters regularly. Typically about once a month.

*Hang insulated curtains, they will actually serve as a barrier to the heat, and try and keep them closed during hot afternoons.

*Do a walk-through while your air is on and check for leaks around windows and doors!

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