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Set The Stage

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Most sellers understand that presenting the very best version of their home is important to getting it sold, but are hesitant to invest money into the process. There are actually many cost-effective ways to revamp and stage your home to give it the boost it needs. Here are some highlights from an excellent article on home staging from the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog.

home staging

Consult an expert:

Speak with a real estate professional! Your agent most likely has attended many open houses, and have good insight into what buyers are looking for. Another good source of inspiration can be staged model homes; visiting a model home will give you an idea of how a professional stager has organized a room.

Rely on what you have:

One of the first things a seller should do is de-clutter their home. Cleaning out and cleaning up will give you a blank canvas to stage your home. You may simply just need to re-arrange your existing furniture rather than purchasing new pieces, and once you have de-cluttered you should be able to see how to highlight the best features of a room.

Focus on small changes:

If you still feel that your home needs more work, identify the projects that will give your home the most bang for the buck. Paint is an easy and affordable way to change the look of a room; remember, a clean and crisp neutral shade is the safest route. New kitchen appliances, lights, doors, and window treatments can also breathe new life into a room without costing a fortune. If you are really lacking in the furniture department, consider borrowing key pieces from friends or family!

To read the full article, visit Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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